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  Electronic Mouse Traps Electronic Mouse Traps

Victor® Scent Repellents
naturally repel rodents
with a minty scent.

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  Victor Mole & Gopher Solutions Victor Mole & Gopher Solutions

Victor® Mole &
Gopher Solutions

stop burrowing
animals in their

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  Victor Hold Fast Glue Traps Victor Hold Fast Glue Traps

Hold-Fast® Glue Traps
effectively attract and
catch mice and insects.

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  Victor Electronic Mouse Traps Victor Electronic Mouse Traps

Electronic Traps
kill mice with a humane,
high-voltage shock.

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  Victor Tin Cat Traps Victor Tin Cat Traps

TIN-CAT® Mouse Traps
are humane, live-catch traps
for indoor or outdoor use.

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  Victor Snake-a-Way Victor Snake-a-Way


venomous &

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Victor® Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap - 1-Trap
Victor® Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap - 1-Trap
"Excellent product!" Aditya Excellent product to use Learn More »
Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap  - Buy 2 Traps, Get 1 FREE
Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap - Buy 2 Traps, Get 1 FREE
"Works Great" Krob I bought this product and set out two of them in my apartment. It got rid of the mice problem within 24 hrs..I haven't seen any trace of mice since...Great product Learn More »
Victor® Black Box Gopher Trap - 1-Trap
Victor® Black Box Gopher Trap - 1-Trap
"Worked like a champ on a squirrel that broke into my greenhouse." Nomebear I used this to eliminate a squirrel and it worked within minutes after bating it peanut butter and dried fruit. Up to this point I had tried everything to do a catch and release, but nothing worked because the squirrel was smarter than I. He even had the nerve to taunt me through the widow, called me stupid and inept. But i had the last laugh with the help of The Black Box. Learn More »


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